Monday, September 24, 2007

Addicted to the written word.

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I while I have young children I will never catch up with all of the reading that I want to do.

I have more books sitting on my 'to read' shelf than I ever have had on that shelf before. Mindful living, homesteading, unschooling, nutrition, small business, Buddhism, and probably more that I can't think of right now. I'd get up and check, but I've got a nursing baby on my lap, so I couldn't be bothered.

My Amazon wish list is long and getting longer by the day. I belong to several email lists and a few great boards that are always giving me new book referrals. When you choose the referrers well, you're rarely disappointed in the referral - I've only been disappointed once. It was a notable experience too. The book was Pronoia by Rob Brezsny. I took it to church with me when I attended with my husband to wrangle the kids so that he could pay attention and they could play in the nursery later. In the middle of Sacrament Meeting I snorted out loud and then handed the book to my husband to read about the author's "full body erection" - he was having sex with the sun, you see. I tried to read more, but got no farther than the author insisting that he hadn't been on drugs at the time.

Back to the topic of this post - my addiction. Add cookbooks to the list. I have three and a half shelves full of cookbooks.

And magazines. At this time I only have one magazine subscription and that is to the parenting magazine Mothering. I'm cancelling it this week because

A) I've been a subscriber for nearly four years and they are just recycling subjects. Great for new moms who need to learn about these options, not so exciting for those of us who have been subscribers for even two years. They cover so little about any subject past toddlerhood, that it's not worth the continued cost.

and B) They refuse to cover Elimination Communication, or Infant Potty Training. I'm told by the founder that it has nothing to do with advertising (over half of the advertisers in the magazine sell products related to cloth diapering). EC is a rapidly growing movement in the 'attachment' or 'natural' parenting community for many reasons and yet it is not covered by 'the Natural Parenting Magazine'.

So I'm cancelling the only magazine subscription I have and dreaming of the time when I'll feel that I can subscribe to others that I would like to subscribe to.

Unschooling magazines, a few parenting/living magazines, one spiritual magazine, a few working dog magazines, a few cooking magazines, a few homesteading magazines, and an organic producers magazine... oh, the dreams I dream. I can't justify to myself the cost of such subscriptions right now.

My husband and myself were doing our quarterly budget overview last night and I had to come face to face with how much money I'd spent on books in the last three months. It was daunting. I have not regretted a single one of those book purchases, all have been amazing books, but still ...

So I have committed to not buying a new book for a month. Don't laugh. That will be a very difficult challenge for me. My one comfort is that I appear to be passing on my obsession to the next generation.

I read to the girls about three hours a day at their request. At least thirty minutes before we even get out of bed now that it's cold in the morning and then sporadically throughout the day, whenever they ask. For Ainsley, especially, I'll stop what I'm doing - even if it's washing dishes - and sit down on the floor to read to her when she brings me a book.

As fall kicks into high gear and a long winter looms, I see many hours of reading ahead. I hope.

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