Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I'm an idiot. Pregnancy makes me into an idiot. I cannot type, speak, or think coherently. Expect nothing brilliant out of this blog until after my baby is born. Give me about 18 years after the baby is born.

Until then, this is my home for noting what my children are learning without formal teaching and what we're doing in our lives. It is also where I will post links of blogs, essays, books, and other information I think is worth sharing.

What will they be learning and what do I think is worth sharing?

They will be learning about life, about animals, how to read, how to write, how to do math. They'll be learning about themselves, about others, about society, and in our house - about religion and the many different views people take of it. Right now their main interests are princesses (H), ponies (H), four-wheelers (A), gardening (H), laundry (A), machines (A), climbing (A), dancing (both), cooking (H), and eating (A).

I will be sharing what I'm learning also. One of the glorious side-effects, or maybe a necessary ingredient, of unschooling is that the parents show the children how to follow their interests by following their own interests. So I am currently interested in running our local Farmer's Market, putting my garden to rest for the winter, fixing my #*$(&# vaccuum cleaner, learning to ferment (my last batches of saurkraut and kimchi were fantastic successes!), traditional diet, positive parenting, and unschooling. Once winter sets in, I'll start planning next year's garden and animals, figuring out the logistics of starting a pasture-raised, organic turkey flock, knitting, gestating, and cooking lots of good food. Next year I would like to implement the 100-mile diet, so I'll be planning my garden around that.

I probably won't be sharing much of what my husband is interested in unless there's a great demand for favorite Simpsons quotes, so you'll see him only rarely on this blog.


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