Friday, September 21, 2007

Visiting family...

We recently made a trip back into Star Valley to help Matt's father farm and to attend a nephew's baby blessing.

The blessing went about as expected. The men all went up to the front to confer a priesthood blessing on the child while us wimmen-folk all sat in the audience with the children. Then I went to nursery with all of the Heiner children who are of age to attend nursery and prepared to babysit them for two hours, because of course we had to stay for the entire three hour block even though we were only there to witness a five minute blessing. Because DH's family is righteous like that.

Five minutes into nursery, when the kids had just transitioned into being in the play area, a family member comes barreling in and says that now we're all leaving because while the Heiners all want to stay, our SIL's family - most of whom are in that ward - are saying it's ridiculous to sit in church lessons for two more hours and that they're heading over to the house for a get-together and lunch. Fine by me. So now I have to transition the kids OUT of nursery which takes another five minutes because there are so many cool new toys in there.

After the lunch, Hannah was running around with her cousins when she stopped and threw up. I knelt beside her until she was done. She turned to me and said "Mommy, am I pegnant?" I told her that no, she wasn't pregnant, that she was probably just sick from too much sugary food and a lot of excitement. I haven't thrown up that much this pregnancy, but it's obviously been enough for her to notice.

On Monday, we tried to entertain the girls in the hot sun, and they ended up under the trampoline asking their very cool Aunt Jolynn to make up stories for them. The stories included farting geese and the girls loved them.

When the girls missed their daddies too much, we took them down to the field to see them. Most of the girls ended up in Matt's tractor. He called us an hour later asking us to come get three sleeping girls.

After the farming was done, we had a hot dog roast. Hannah figured out the fine line between just enough heat and too much heat and Ainsley had her first experience with a fire. She was fascinated, but cautious.

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ROFL... Such a well written post :)