Thursday, November 29, 2007

Catching up.

Every day I think about this blog and what I could write. Every day I take pictures of my family living and learning. And yet I never seem to find time to update.

So here are some pictures to catch up...

Ainsley helping set the table for the first time.

Ainsley helping peel squash.

Ainsley, the sticker addict playing with stickers sent by her Grandma.

Hannah playing with friends. That's a pumpkin dirt cake she made. Digging in a dress - that's Hannah.

Playing with lightsticks. I'm no good at photography, so I couldn't get great pictures.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What do you see?

If you said "I see many pegasus' (pegasii?) flying in the sky", you'd be right. Hannah took that picture the other day. She was overwhelmed by the number of pegasus that were out enjoying the breeze in the sky.

Beautiful fall days.

Heading out to do chores.

Picking apples.

Swinging and eating apples.

When it gets too chilly to be outside, we play inside. One of Hannah's favorite pasttimes right now is making "sticker boards". More thought goes into these than you'd think.


It was princess season at our house this year. My oldest wanted to be a "light blue princess", so we went to the clearance rack at the fabric store and she picked out this fabric. She had to try it on at every. single. stage of production and dance around in it before I could continue.

It is a cruel irony that those who rarely sew always sew Halloween costumes, and those costumes include shimmery, slick, furry, leather fabric - the hardest stuff to sew. Hannah's costume was a bear to sew. It looks prettier in the pictures than IRL. In the pictures you can't see the slight rub down the front where I accidentally sewed the zipper to the front of her dress and had to unpick it. And that dress required more gathering than all of the gathering I've done on all of my other sewing projects combined.

She made several necklaces to wear with her costume. They weren't really durable, but she had a blast making them.

Ainsley went as a frog princess. Believe it or not, her fabric was much easier to sew than her sisters. My husband says that she looks like a "frog unicorn", but I made that hat free-hand, dammit! There was no pattern, so, yeah.... maybe she does look like a frog unicorn. LOL

As an aside, country trick-or-treating sucks. I grew up in the city. My parents sent us out and we would go up and down streets until we got tired. Sometimes we had to go home and empty our buckets and head back out. But out here in the country? We went to three houses. My husband grew up this way. He's used to getting the kids all dressed up, driving for five minutes, getting them out, trick-or-treating at one house, getting them back in, driving for five more minutes..... you get the idea. Not fun. Not only that, half the houses you COULD stop at are scrooges and have their lights off. We're going into the city to trick-or-treat next year. Or having a party at our house.