Friday, December 28, 2007

Brains and things.

Hannah loves figuring out how the body works. Her latest obsession is the brain. For a few days she's been asking me what a brain looks like and I keep telling her that we should look it up, but we've never gotten around to it.

Last night we got on Google images and looked up pictures of brains. Matt walked by as we were doing this, saw it was something 'scientific' and jumped in, telling her what the different parts of the brain did, which she loved.

Then she wanted to see a real brain working. We went to YouTube and found videos of brain surgery which led to an explanation of tumors and the difference between malignant and benign tumors. Matt and I have both had benign tumors removed, so she got to hear about that although she wasn't happy that her nursie had once had a tumor in it. That night when Matt was putting her to bed she told him that she had a tumor in her forehead, "but it's not manignant, Daddy. It's be-ign. It doesn't hurt at all. But it's there." Luckily, it was gone by morning.

Following YouTube links, she progressed from brain surgery to heart surgery which finally - FINALLY - helped her connect to the heartbeat she hears when we go visit the midwives. Now she's very excited about our next midwife visit and Ainsley is sick of having Hannah's ear pressed to her chest every time she lies down.

So if I had to classify last night, would it be biology? Physical sciences? I still need to look into Idaho homeschooling regulations to see how to meet the requirements while unschooling.

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Stephanie said...

I love this post!
It's always so fascinating to me how intrepid unschooled children are in their ventures into learning.
It's such a wondrous thing to live this life, and to get to see the amazing magic happen!
Thanks for sharing.
Stephanie S.

Oh - Ps - I love the Napping House - and "where no one now is sleeping."
It's a great title and line - borrowed and all! :)
And the picture is wonderful.