Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas just like momma used to make it.

Christmas morning.

Santa came.

Then the girls came.

I can't remember what brought on this level of excitement.

Ains unwrapping stocking presents.

Hannah with the surprise exciting present of the day - princess underwear. (We thought they would be well received, but not pored over and changed at least 57 times throughout the day.) All were loved except for Jasmine who was generously given to her sister.

Reading through a book of mythical animals.

Playing with gorgeous hats and a flute that their uncle sent them.

Random play throughout the day... These pics don't include the hours of play with Hannah's favorite present (the one she wrote Santa for), her "Brisa pony", a Breyer pegasus. It's very small and Ainsley got a different one ("Kona"), so I was Kona to her Brisa for many hours of pretend. Ainsley spent those hours interacting with us, cooking with Matt, or playing with the dolls that I made for Hannah and her.

We also played a new game called Gassy Gus that Matt got. You feed Gus different foods, and the gassier they are, the bigger his tummy gets. If he poots while you're feeding him, you have to take more cards. The girls LOVED it.

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