Thursday, December 13, 2007

Favorite Unschooling Blog

My favorite "idea" blog. She's always doing great activities with her kids. She also links to some fantastic unschooling blogs. She also appears to be a non-Mormon in the middle of Utah, though I could be mistaken about that... I really, really enjoy the hundreds of pictures she puts up. I wish I could learn how to do a banner like she has on the top of her blog...


Stephanie said...

That's ME!!!
Wow. Whadda ya know?
:) again.

Yes - non-mormon in the capital city of Utah indeed!

The banner - photoshop*ed together using PS Elements, then saved to a banner size, on OLM it's 650 pixels wide, I believe. H-F layout is wider, so it's 825, I think.

Thanks so much for the mention!
Prettiest curtsy - mighty nice of you.
Stephanie S.

Pichinde said...

You should have seen me this morning when I realized that 'Stephanie' was 'The OLM mom'. LOL

Your blog was the main inspiration for me to start blogging myself. It's an absolutely lovely blog that lifts my spirits every time I visit. You have lovely, intelligent, curious children.

And thank you for the clue-in on your banner. My heading picture right now is so frackin' big. I need to get a program like PS.

Thank you for visiting!

Stephanie S. said...

How very very sweet and kind of you!
I thank you most sincerely!!