Monday, December 10, 2007

Favorite unschooling blogs

This group of posts is for my sister. I was telling her how much inspiration and how many ideas I get from blogs that interest me (unschooling, farming, homesteading, crafting, etc.) and that I started this blog to add my voice to those.

In the last few months I've really begun to enjoy blog-surfing, following links on blogs. Nine out of ten are average and don't hold my attention, but that one that does is priceless.

I've also learned to read the comments on blogs. Sometimes the best information is included in the comments.

Anyway, I told my sister that I'd let her know when I came upon good unschooling blogs, so here's my favorite. It's a blog well worth going back through the last few months and reading posts. She seems like a wonderful mother and a fun person to know.

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Tuan's Princess said...

Well, I'm sure there aren't any pearls of wisdom in this comment, but I had to say THANKS for the link!