Friday, December 14, 2007

Jesus panties.

My older daughter has a recent fascination with Jesus. The other night she told me that "Jesus loves you, mother". She's also been asking who he is, where he lived, why he's dead, etc.

THIS is my unschooling challenge. For some it's tv/video games/computers, for others it's food, for others it's reading/math/science. For me it's religion.

I'm trying hard to give her straight answers with no hint of the taint that years of Mormonism left on my spiritual psyche. I try to tell her "This is what your daddy thinks, this is what I think. You can think whatever you want." I answer her questions with clear, short answers.

And if I happen to run across a video like this one, I don't hesitate to show it to her. I ran across it in a very unlikely place (in a TED speech) and laughed so hard that Ainsley was giggling hysterically also. Hannah loves it and asks to watch the "Jesus panties movie" often. Enjoy. You will laugh your ass off. Even my forever-Mo husband did.


Anonymous said...

"You will laugh your ass off"

Oh, if only it were that easy!!! lol

Stephanie said...

My husband is atheist, though I recently discovered that atheism includes folks who don't believe God interferes with the choices of man, so I guess that includes me, too!
I always tell my son my opinion, followed with "It's one of those things that everyone has to decide for himself."
Ghosts, God, Life, etc.
It works for us - and I probably take more comfort than I should in his disinterest in "that freaky (or boring) religious stuff"!
(though I embrace the Great Ones - Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, etc.)
Stephanie S
(of Happy-and-Free and OLM)

Pichinde said...

Stephanie, if pressed I usually classify myself as an apatheist - I just don't care.

I like the way you put it, "I embrace the Great Ones". I admire the man Jesus was - or who I interpret him to have been, feminist and all, which mortifies my Mormon family, and I'm gaining a lot from my foray into Eastern religions.

Thanks for commenting!