Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NAIS is not mandatory.

It's completely voluntary.

Unless it's not.

"Premises ID Required for Livestock Exhibitors at Illinois Fairs in 2008
Compiled By Staff
November 5, 2007

If you want to show livestock at an Illinois state, county, 4-H or FFA fair next year, you'll need a premises identification number from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The new ruling applies to swine, cattle, sheep, goats, equine, poultry, rabbits and llamas that will be exhibited at an Illinois fair, beginning in 2008."



green said...

Couldn't get the link to work.

Pichinde said...

It's a pain, but if you C&P it, it should work. Not sure why it's not showing as an active link.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I read somewhere that feed and grain stores are tracking people's livestock food purchases now, too. Are customers truly required to hand over their names now when they buy a bag of feed?

Pichinde said...

We aren't here in Idaho. We could pay cash and walk out without them taking our name. Of course, in a small place like this, they know us personally anyway. lol

The tricky thing about this is that the goal to have a *nationally* enforced NAIS has been given up. Now they've moved on to a "divide and conquer" approach, much as they did with the "No Child Left Behind" act in education.

NAIS is no longer going to be mandatory on the national level, but they are saying that what the states do is up to them. Of course they are giving serious incentives to the states to try to force their compliance - some states are falling in line easily, some are resisting a bit, some are downright refusing. But when the carrot held in front of them gets big enough and the stick behind them gets strong enough...

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