Friday, December 28, 2007

Need noise?

When I'm folding laundry, I like to have something on to keep me distracted from the drudgery. It used to be a tv show online, but I was floundering when the writers strike hit.

Then I happened upon TED. Now I don't think that I'll go back to tv. Most of the talks I've listened to have been wonderful, some have been ok, a few have been blah.

Try it, you may like it!


Stephanie said...

Did you see the one on education and inspiration?
It's a great one.
I don't know how I could find it again - but I will if you haven't seen it!
Stephanie S.

Pichinde said...

Was that the one on schools destroying creativity by Sir Ken Robinson? I really enjoyed that one. If it wasn't that one, I'd love a link!

Stephanie said...

Yup - that's the one! I loved it so much!

btw - I mentioned this blog on Happy-and-Free.
Hope you don't mind.
Stephanie S.

Pichinde said...

Of course I don't mind - I'm insanely flattered! Thank you!