Thursday, January 3, 2008

The birds and the bees.

For various reasons, we've always been very open with our daughter about bodies and used correct names for body parts. Sure, we call it a bum that poots and she insists that mommy has nursies, but she will just as easily talk about breasts and nipples, and be more open about body names for the nether regions as well. (Damn keyword searches - I'm not sure what words will bring the sickos to my blog, so I have to be more of a prude than my daughter.)

Being this open with her questions has some endearing side effects. Like tonight, I'm making dinner and I feel these arms wrap around my legs. I look down and my three and a half year old says "Mother, thank you for giving birth to me." So grown up sounding, and so authentic - completely unprompted and unrehearsed - coming from such a small person.

Later that night her daddy was teasing her, so I asked her "Where did you get such a silly daddy?" Her answer? "From Grandma's uterus." Her grandma would turn three shades of red if she heard that (much like she did when Hannah at two and a half informed me in front of Grandma that she wanted to nurse on my nipple).

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