Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Designing woman.

Hannah's always loved going to the fabric store with me. She picks out fabrics and talks about what she'd like to make with it - mostly dresses, but not always.

She's helped me cut out pattern pieces and watched me sew from the best vantage point - my lap - and twirled in the outfits I've made for her in every stage of their creation.

Last night she asked for fabric she could cut and set to work making her own design for the first time.

She made a saddle, saddle blanket, necklace and hat for the rocking horse. That hat's harder than it looks - that took her several tries and a request for advice. We were careful to just give her suggestions and not do it for her or tell her how to do it. It was better that way I think. It was fun watching her think about it and figure it out. I also learned that I must have very predictable reactions to frustration and that she pays attention to that. Although "damn" is kinda cute coming out of a 3 1/2 year old who can't get the fabric to hang right.

Here is the finished product. Notice the sticky backed velcro holding the blanket together - she went through my notions drawer and found that after I nixed the pins as too dangerous for her little sister to be around.

It's funny the tiny things that you're so proud of as a parent. Her first design. On a stuffed horse.


Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

so adorable! she did a great job.

Cindy said...

That is really great!

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

I think she did a Fantastic Job! Wow!
I still cannot sew that good and I am 24! LOL!

Stephanie S. said...

It's wonderful!