Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Experiments with Daddy.

The other day Matt and the girls had a lot of fun doing a few experiments. One is still in progress but the other had more immediate results. Apparently if you mix baking soda and vinegar you get a large reaction. I didn't realize they were doing an experiment until I heard Hannah's squeals. So I grabbed the camera and headed over.

Matt was combining the two ingredients in a water bottle and then putting a balloon on the top, letting the gas created by the reaction blow the balloon up. Hannah's squeal was because he had misjudged the amounts and hadn't gotten the balloon on top. He needed a towel to clean up.

Then they tried again.

They blew the balloon up a little bit.

Matt figured if they combined the ingredients in the water bottle and then put the balloon on and got a small reaction, maybe they'd get a bigger reaction by putting the soda in the water bottle and the vinegar in the balloon - he could get more vinegar in that way.

He could get an even bigger reaction by shaking the bottle to make sure all the baking soda was utilized.

It did indeed get much bigger.

Ainsley's big lesson learned was that if she tried to blow up a balloon after Daddy played with it, she got nasty vinegar taste in her mouth.

All told, they used an entire small box of soda and over half a gallon of vinegar. They had a lot of fun.


Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Fun with household ingredients is ALWAYS a plus!

Stephanie S. said...

How fun!
We've never done it with balloons - what a great idea!

vicki said...

The balloon is a great idea. We have a rocket (my little one is into outer-space) and it flies way up in the air when you mix the vinegar and baking soda. The rocket goes so fast that usually an adult help loads it so no one gets hurt. It's quite amazing.

Laura said...

In the summer you could try mentos and diet coke in the backyard...a HUGE gyser will splash over everything. Fantastic reaction.

Fun to see your husband with your kids. Mine is like that too!

Pichinde said...

Laura, that sounds like fun! Making a note of it...