Monday, January 7, 2008

A full day.

But no pictures.

This baby has decided to do the same thing that Ainsley did at the same point in my pregnancy with her - ride so low that I can barely move. It wasn't until 2:30 this afternoon that I was able to walk without pain. However, if the pattern follows Ainsley, this won't last. Crossing my fingers.

So the first hour of the day was playing in bed, the next few hours were spent reading on the couch with the girls, then watching Howdy Town - a movie my dad sent Hannah that is guaranteed to get even a paralyzed person up and moving to get out of the room. Then a My Little Pony movie.

Then we updated our Netflix list to include more My Little Pony movies and found the entire "A Very Minty Christmas" on YouTube.

Then we made vinegar and salt fries and orange chocolate chip scones. Delicious, and both were easy for the girls to help with.

Both girls actually went down for a nap - a rare but appreciated occurence around here - as did I.

Now it is somehow 9 pm and time for a bath.

A slow day, but a full day. A good day.

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