Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting ready for baby: Home edition.

I’ve done some rearranging in preparation for the baby. Stuff that will hopefully make life easier for me with three.

The bookshelves are know a ‘book nook’. I turned part of the couch around so that I could sit comfortably with the girls to read with them, put down a blanket to warm things up, put Ainsley’s board books in baskets, and made Hannah’s bookshelves more welcoming. There is already a marked difference in how willing I am to read with them (I can go for an hour or more now instead of a break after ten-minutes because my pregnant body is uncomfortable.) and how engrossed they stay (if I’m reading a book that only one is interested in, the other will sit on the floor and read another book until I’m done). Our reading has gone from an hour and a bit every day to several hours every day.

We’ve also redone the toy area in the living room. Before it was just a big pile of toys that was pushed back to the wall every night. Not good for the adults contentment and they were pulled over the entire floor by mid-morning as girls looked for fun toys. We went to a Target and got these wire ‘box’ shelves. They were fun to put together and make it so easy to keep the toys more organized. We got each of the girls a few boxes for basic – very basic – organization. We weren’t surprised when horses and ponies filled up one of each of the girls boxes.

The only big thing left to do is the carpeted kitchen – we need to replace the carpet with paneling. I’ve threatened Matt with a pregnant wife doing it all by herself if it’s not done by my due date. “But it would look awful”. Exactly, bucko. Exactly. But I refuse to have a carpeted kitchen with two littles and an infant.

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