Saturday, January 12, 2008


Yesterday one of the books Hannah and I read was her Mythical Creatures book. She was fascinated with the unicorn and pegasus stories as always, but yesterday Fafner the Dragon caught her eye. She asked me to read it several times and then said "I don't understand, Mother. Why did Fafner kill his daddy?" "Because his daddy had a lot of money and jewels and Fafner wanted them." Pretty heavy stuff for a three and a half year old. We talked about it a bit more and then she moved on to the pegasus.

That night when Matt walked in the door she ran up to him. "Daddy, I am never, ever going to kill you for your money." Matt, without missing a beat: "Well thank you, sweetheart. I appreciate that."

He did ask me later when we were alone what that was all about.


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Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

We don't worry too much about that around here...our Daddy doesn't have money! :) What a smart little sweetheart you have!