Thursday, January 17, 2008


At the bank today I found a quarter in my purse. I showed it to Hannah and said "Do you want me to hold this for you so that you can spend it at the grocery store?" Pointing to the candy machines in the corner, she said "No. I'm going to go waste it over there." The tellers thought that was extra cute and gave her more suckers than she'll be able to eat in a week. Ainsley appropriated most of them.

I'm wondering where she got the idea that it was "wasting" money to do that. We try to have quarters on us when we go out where we know there will be quarter machines and have never labeled it wasting. Strange.... but oh so funny.


Stephanie S. said...

That's so dang cute!
Trev said something like that either yesterday or today - I can't remember what it was.
Usually I can be accredited (blamed) for those sorts of things - but I think this one he must have heard on the tellie.
Hilarious, they are!
gonna eat 'em.

green said...

Ha ha ha!!!

That is priceless...