Friday, January 18, 2008

Hunkering down.

My body's insisting on a break. My house is showing the effects. But when you're nine months pregnant, not listening to your body does not have good consequences and I want to give myself the best chance for an easy labor and delivery.

So we've been cuddling on the couch, eating freezer meals that I made for after the baby is born. Grateful for the organizational projects we've done in the last few weeks that have made it easier for me to keep some semblance of order in the house. Worried that my husband won't have that dag-blasted carpet out of the kitchen before the baby gets here.

The down-time has curtailed blogging but it has had an interesting side-effect. All of this sitting around, chatting, and cuddling has really made Ainsley have to communicate in different ways. She hasn't been interested in signing very much. She knew signs but preferred to drag us to whatever she wanted and grunt or whine until we guessed correctly - very frustrating when you know they can sign exactly what they want. Now, though, she picks a book and wants to know the sign for everything in the book. She's signing up a storm. Also, her first words are in. Daddy, Matt (her daddy's name), stuck (not a surprise if you have been around her for five minutes) and milk.

They grow up too fast. And I grow them too fast - I'm not ready to add another one.

Ready or not...


Stephanie S. said...

You sound tired!
I can't say much about the baby with a baby thing, I waited for that reason.
Wanted Trev to experience it fully - he was four when we had Maddie.

I would come and help, if'n I could.
Make you a cup of tea.

I hope you get your floor done pronto!!

Pichinde said...

Yeah, we planned our first down to the week for work reasons, the second down to the month to space the girls out a certain amount. We decided not to plan the third. Not such a great idea when you look back... Our bodies are not meant to birth babies so close together.