Thursday, January 3, 2008

If I were going to classify her...

I'd be lost.

My older daughter. She loves painting her nails and fixing her hair. She loves dancing and dresses. But she's no girly girl. She gets all fixed up and goes out to chase the goats.

Here's pictorial proof:

So I'm not going to call my multi-faceted little one a girly-girl. But at three and a half years old, with no discussion in our house of earrings, piercings, or jewelry (I am most definitely NOT girly), she wanted to get her ears pierced. Has wanted to since about September. My ears aren't pierced, and few people she knows have pierced ears, but princesses do, and princesses do wear the most beautiful earrings.

My parents didn't "allow" piercings until 16 years old, and even then it was the parents decision. I remember getting mine pierced some time after 16 years old with my paper route money. Just went to Wal-Mart and got them pierced. My dad was livid that I hadn't gotten his permission. About something I was doing to my body with my money. My husband was raised in the same type of restrictive environment, so I expected him to want her to wait. He could've cared less.

We talked about it with her. Showed her pictures of people getting their ears pierced, explained the procedure to her. Not to scare her, just to help her make an informed decision. Matt even took her online (love Google images) and showed her all sorts of body piercings and talked about how different cultures think different piercings and body decorations are pretty. We talked to her about the necessary ear care and how she'd have to wear the same pair of earrings for six. weeks. She was fine with that.

So Hannah got her ears pierced. I let her pick out which of the 'starter' earrings she wanted since she would have to wear them for so long. If I'd insisted on the silver studs, she would have been wanting to take them out within a few days. We also timed our ear piercing so that we would have the most child-experienced piercer. She marked Hannah's ears and then had another lady pierce the other ear at the same time so that Hannah would only have one painful moment.

When they pierced them, Hannah jumped, said "that was hurty", and asked for a mirror. She's been faithful about cleaning and twisting them twice daily. She only has one more week in the starter earrings, but seeing as how they're pink flowers, I don't know if she'll want to change them out. Matt's got a special outing planned for her next week to pick out her first "removable" earrings. I think he's more excited about it than she is. Like I said, the ones she has now are Pink. Flowers.

We've never taken a "show off your earrings" picture, so this is the best one I could find.

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Stephanie S. said...

I can see my Maddie (just two, so I have a while yet, I think) saying the same thing.
'Course, she'll probably insist on dinosaurs or lizards to be hung in her ears....