Friday, January 11, 2008

Overheard last night.

Matt was trying to sleep, Hannah was trying to get him to tell her stories - it's how she's been falling asleep the last few weeks.

To be fair, his story-telling-on-the-fly ability has been getting steadily better (it far exceeds mine), but last night he was almost asleep.

Matt: There was a little fairy girl who had such pretty earrings. She was a magic fairy with very strange powers - her body could come apart and then come back together. When she tried to show off her earrings, she shook her head and her ears flew off. But not just her ears. Her nose flew off, her eyes flew off, her arms and legs and toes flew off. (Meanwhile I'm snickering in my pillow. He is sooooo tired.)

Hannah interrupts him: Daddy, this story is odd.

I'm getting better at not laughing out loud when she says funny things. I didn't succeed last night.

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Blessed Wife and Mother said...

I think it must be a man thing! My hubby is an awesome story teller...I little one even told me that she rather mommy not tell her stories! LOL!