Monday, January 7, 2008

Squeezing the baby out of her.

My little one is only 15 months old. That means that she'll be 17 months old, max, when this new baby comes. That seems so young compared to her sister who was 2 1/2 years old when Ainsley joined our family.

I've only got five to nine more weeks with my baby girl before she's not my "baby" anymore. I'm trying to squeeze every last bit of it out of her while I can. Granted, the new baby will spend the first little bit simply nursing, sleeping, and cuddling, so Ainsley will have those few weeks, but it still seems like so little to me.

So while I'm trying to notice and appreciate my baby, she's trying to grow up. Here she is trying to nurse her dolly...

and insisting that her doll go potty with her.

This EC business has worked out really well for us. Hannah was a "graduate" (out of diapers - reliable at getting herself to the potty or telling us she needed to go) at eighteen months, and it looks like Ainsley will be there at least by the time the baby is born. It will be wonderful if she is because I would only have one baby in diapers at a time. We haven't pushed it - that's more than a bit counter-productive for EC - so if she's still in diapers when the baby comes, I won't be stressed about it... just very happy if she's done!

It's a strange mixture of feelings for a mom - to want to stop your babe from growing up, but to be so excited to watch the "next" thing they do.

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