Friday, February 29, 2008

Do you knit?

I don't - not really. I'd like to, but my knitting, like my sewing, is utilitarian.

My sister sews. She could be a professional. She's meticulous and a perfectionist. She visited me for a few weeks last summer and made two window dressings, several dresses for my girls, an apron for Hannah and two aprons for me. (This was in her spare time when she wasn't painting our bunkhouse.) All of the items she sewed look professionally done. Not chain store done, but professionally done. She puts a lot of thought and care into her work.

I'd like to sew like that. Instead, I sew in spurts and try to get as much done as quickly as possible. If it can't be seen on the outside, I don't worry too much about what it looks like. I'm afraid my knitting is the same way.

I'm trying to get better. Hence, a blanket for my older daughter. You can tell it's for her by the copious amount of pink.

I'm learning a lot about knitting by doing this blanket. I've learned that I will probably hold off on doing any sweaters for myself for awhile. With my "Oops, I dropped a stitch. I'll just pick it up instead of going to the work of fixing it. Oh, that left a big hole right there." approach, I'd probably end up with holes in not so fortuitous (for me) places. I need to get more meticulous.

I'm wondering if I'll be done with this before the baby comes. I've now (since taking this picture) finished the main block of the blanket. Now I'm doing the border and then I'll need to weave in and trim the strings.

I'm done with the pink yarn now, so Hannah's appropriated some knitting needles and is trying to knit. She gets frustrated at times, since she is in no way near knitting, so she sticks a needle in the ball of yarn and throws it. Then she and Ainsley play "throw the yarn all over" for ten minutes and I end up looking like I'm sitting in the middle of a pink spider's web. Which I thoughtlessly said the other day and now "pink spider" has been added to Hannah's pretend repertoire.

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Cindy said...

What a nice compliment, thankyou! As for knitting... I tried it and crotcheting and could never make the stitches all the same 'tightness' so my finished product always looked very warped. I personally think the blanket looks great!