Saturday, February 9, 2008

Guest photographer.

We have a guest photographer today.

I'll type the captions she tells me... Enjoy a day through the eyes of a nearly four year old...

This is my sister.

She doesn't know how to eat Pez.

This is my mother. She's very pregnant. Her lap doesn't have much room right now.

I let Ainsley wear my princess dress. She didn't like it. She's not a princess girl like me.

These are my favorite horses. There's Shell and Flower and one I don't like and Flower Boy.

We went to a restaurant last night. It wasn't my favorite, but since Mother's pregnant she got to pick. She ate a chimichanga.

This was my knife.

Here are the flowers I want to buy. I think Dad will say no.

This is my Dora game on the computer. I like playing with her baby brother and sister.

These are my favorite ponies. There's Chocolate Chipper, Pinkie Pie, Butter Pop, Party Cake, Wisteria, and Rainbow Dash. (*tell them I have more, Mom, they just wouldn't all fit in my picture*)


Cindy said...

That was one of the most hilarious things I have read in a LONG time!!! Loved it!!

Stephanie S. said...



Pichinde said...

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to type up. So hard not to laugh at some of the things she told me to say.


Katey said...

That was fantastic! I think this should be a monthly spot.

Annie said...

I loved reading about your day!

Renee said...

I LOVE it. The world thru her eyes is beautiful.

Pichinde said...

Katey, I'll have to talk about that with her - that could be fun!

Thank you, Annie - she loved getting her own comment!

Renee, you made me tear up. *smooch*

Lindsay (catchthewind) said...

I love all your horses Hannah. I have a bunch of them too!