Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Library Thing and my cookbook addiction.

I finished entering my cookbooks into Library Thing. Seventy-eight cookbooks. And that doesn't include the 15 Pampered Chef or locally made/family cookbooks that don't have an ISBN number. I have a problem.

Three shelves full of cooking books. Is that an addiction?

This is what Hannah did while I entered the books - looked at a fairy tale cake decorating book that I picked up at the dollar store. One of those rare, hard-bound, quality books that occasionally appears at a dollar store.


Liliana said...

Welcome to the world of cookbook addicts! I surpassed the 100 cookbook mark awhile ago and for some reason still keep buying cookbooks - not just for the recipe but for the stories and beautiful pictures are in some of these cookbooks! Enjoy!

Pichinde said...

I know! It used to be the recipes I'd buy them for, but lately it's the book itself - the stories. I love recipe books that have a story with each recipe.

Jewish Cooking, Chocolate and Zucchini, My Italian Garden... those are some of my recent purchases and I love them. My husband doesn't understand how I can ready cookbooks. lol

Cindy said...

Yes, you are addicted. Or you have OCD tendencies like me... hello, have you seen my fabric stash. YIKES!

green said...

okay... I went to LibraryThing, opened an account... now how do I share with you?

Pichinde said...

I'll email you my user name.