Monday, February 25, 2008

Life plugs along.

I love not having carpet in my kitchen.

Some moms do crafts, some moms do games, some moms do gardening. Apparently I do baking. I asked Hannah to get me two cups of flour and handed her the measuring cup. She said "Mom, I need a knife." And she measured flat cups of flour. Maybe we spend too much time in the kitchen.

We got a stool like the one my sister has so that my girls can see what I'm doing and help out easier. And I don't have to lift them. Both girls push the stool around with ease to where they need it. This was taken when I was making zucchini bread the other day. Ains pushed the stool over, got a book, climbed up and asked me to read to her while I baked. Hannah climbed up and helped her read - it was sweet.

*BTW, does anybody have a good zucchini bread recipe? I've tried *six* and have yet to find a great one. They're all passable or worse.

After bath picture. Ainsley arranged those so meticulously. I don't think I'd notice the small peculiarities of my children if they weren't so very different.

No, this isn't Hannah. This is my Ainsley. My little Ainsley. She only left it in for about twenty minutes, but it really aged her, having her hair pulled back.

Ainsley ignores the phone most of the time. Somehow, though, she knows when I'm on the phone with Matt and she demands to talk to him. This morning he had her giggling and signing for about seven minutes before she said "baaay", waved goodbye to the phone and handed it to me.

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Katey said...

I might have a recipe for you. I'll have to look tomorrow. I love the horses all set up. Looks like something my K would do.