Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The nesting is contagious.

Last night we got a stool for the girls to use. With the house almost completely covered in wood floors now it's really easy for them to push around. They move it all over, wherever they need to get higher. It makes them much more helpful in the kitchen.

Today's kitchen tally:
Lots of garbanzo, Taylor Horte, and Great Northern beans cooked and frozen.
One pizza shell frozen.
Recipe organization started.

I also entered a lot more books on LibraryThing and watched The Future of Food.

Hannah is catching onto my nesting. She mopped the bathroom floor, put away the toilet paper we bought last night, and made breakfast (water, honey, and blueberries - her own concoction) with absolutely no prompting whatsoever.

My girls played a lot, especially in the now open second bathroom. The tub is Hannah's milk tank (yeah, she milks cows in there) and she and Ainsley locked a horrid, mean fairy in the shower because she was trying to put a spell on them. They've locked it so she can't get out. Thank goodness.

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