Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Making waves.

We made wavemakers. It's a simple craft, even with toddlers.

First you pour water into your bottle. We used one big bottle to learn on and two small water bottles for the girls to do their individual thing with.

Then you add food coloring, glitter, beads, whatever you want.

Then you pour in oil. Word of warning - pour it slow. Pouring it fast causes it to cloud up. We used regular vegetable oil that's been sitting in my cupboard for the last three years or so since I stopped using regular vegetable oil. It's good to have that gone.

Then you close it up, tape over the lid for extra protection and let the kids play!

These have been really fun for the girls - I even threw the heavy suckers (not the big one) in my purse as a take-along entertainment. They are good for a few minutes of distraction.

They've been fun for me to play with also. The oil/water meeting point is really interesting to play with. You can make some cool looking waves at that point.

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5orangepotatoes said...

Wow, the girls sure do look young! Smart using the funnel, we didn't and they didn't make too big of a mess. Beads were everywhere though. We love doing this experiment a lot, good for a rainy cold day. Now Fauna has to look up why oil and water don't mix today as soon as I can drag the kid out of bed. Happy Thanksgiving!