Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Today we...

defied the weather. We're sick of being inside. It's April - mid-April. We've been inside for many months. We defied the chill and wind yesterday. I hope it's warm soon.

We took the wagon for a firewood run, but first stopped at the sheep pen to check on Matt's newest lambs and see if my next goat to kid had had her babies yet. It was a negative on my goat, sadly. Poor thing is looking like I did when I was ten months pregnant. Matt's ewe had two babies, a boy and a girl, and decided that she didn't want to nurse them - the baby in the picture is burrowing under, trying to get to a teat. I've never seen a lamb do that - or *have* to do that before. (I have to admit that as a nursing mother, I've felt like that ewe before.) So I had to climb through the fence to make the ewe stand up so her babies could eat. She did, they did, no more problems.

The girls watched me through the fence, too windblown to want to get out...

until Ains saw the pony.

Ainsley is at the helpful stage, so she was a great help in getting kindling from the firewood silo to the wagon. Hannah's at the chasing kitties, inspecting bugs, picking up rocks, laughing at lambs stage. So she did that.

Hannah wanted to play with the bum lambs and the baby goats - look at these - who wouldn't want to play with them?

While she played, Ains disappeared. When I went to check on her, I found her wandering with Tamari following about two feet behind her. I love that goat. When Tamari stopped to look at me, Ains noticed and decided to coax her along. This is why I say I won't have a mean animal on our property.

We finally walked back to the firewood wagon. This shot of Ains walking with me didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but there's really no way a photograph can capture that baby's-chubby-hand-holding-on-as-she-explores-the-world feeling, is there?

Hannah's getting much stronger - she actually pulled this quite a ways.

Then I stuck Ains on for a ride and Hannah needed my help.

In the biggest news of the day, Hannah found our property's first flower!

Grayson doesn't care.


Anonymous said...

so many lovely photoss of lovely babies--human and non. love that wagon. have been trying to find one here for the boys, but no luck so far. am on a mission though.

you seem to lead a very charmed life. so many animals, gathering firewood, hauling around kids in a bright red wagon....sweetness

Cindy said...

those girls are so cute! glad you were able to get out of the house!

Pichinde said...

My FIL bought that wagon for us when Hannah was a baby. It's his gift to each of his kids when they start their family. We've used it for kids rides, hauling firewood, hauling bottles for lambs (when I fed 30 lambs), hauling hay to horses, hauling weeds to pigs... it's been very useful.

I love our life here, but looking at your blog, I feel the same way you do about this one - you live such a full life with access to experiences and places that my children won't have. To have one life you have to give up another and as much as I love this one it hurts that I've had to accept giving up world travel for many, many years.