Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cabin fever.

Our weather can't make up its mind. One day it's cold and as windy as can be, the next it's sunny. It's driving the girls crazy. They want to be outside so badly, but when it's so windy, they really can't. Here they are attempting to be out while I planted potatoes.

You know how it feels to swim against the current? To paddle your legs and arms as hard as you can and still move backwards. That was poor Ains in the wind that day - after about fifteen seconds of trying to get closer to me, she burst into frustrated tears. The wind was pushing her back faster than she could walk, poor bug. I moved them inside and they watched Diego for a few minutes while I finished planting.

The next day was sunny. Ains didn't believe me, hence her outfit.

We got a good look at one of the Great Horned Owls that lives on our property.

We built a kid pen to hold the kids overnight on milking days. (For more about our farm, go here.) The girls love playing in it with the kids. Don't ask me why Ains has her purse. I couldn't tell you.

Hannah planted bush peas that her aunt gave her in her own garden.

We're always feeding bum lambs.

We snuck a peak at our barn cat's new kittens.

Hannah helped me repot my root-bound luffa plants. Look at the lenght of those roots!

We've perfected a delicious tortilla recipe. On our way to perfecting it, we found out how to make a killer flatbread.

Grayson's nine weeks old now, and he's acting it. Sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, smiling, giggling for Ainsley, sleeping, eating.

Going for pony cart rides.

Playing on the porch with the dogs and cats. Chin's not sure about whatever Hannah's doing.

And when the weather's too bad to go outside, but we're too antsy to stay inside, the grocery store's the answer! Even if one falls asleep on the way there.

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ladybug-zen said...

oh my! that last photo is a beauty. i love the smile on sister's face.