Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Have you ever seen a live, wild hunt? I'm not talking about a cat catching a mouse, but a wild predator hunting down and eating wild prey, without ever knowing they were being watched? I guess you could count a hawk catching a mouse or an eagle fishing, but I'm not counting that. I'm counting what I saw today.

We were coming back into the house from milking and I saw a tiny fly walking along the edge of a white bucket. Not six inches behind him was a tinier spider. I count this as a wild hunt because of the intensity of the attack. As soon as I saw the spider, I knew he was stalking that fly. He moved quickly and when he was half an inch behind the fly, he jumped fast and hard and landed right on the fly's back. The fly tried to take off but couldn't fly far because of the weight. It fell down, but the spider's string saved them and they hung there, fighting, until the spider could drag the fly back up to a level surface.

I was surprised by how captivating the whole thing was. This was a spider and a fly, not a lion and gazelle or wolf and elk. But it was definetely predator and prey. Hannah was fascinated and wanted to watch until it was all over. Somehow she's gotten to four years old without knowing about spiders having strings coming out their rears. Don't know how that oversight happened.

I wish I knew how to take better, up close, pictures. I could have gotten some killer (pun not intended) pictures for you.

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