Monday, May 12, 2008

The spotting scope.

Diego has a spotting scope. Hannah *had* a spotting scope.

We took the girls to a bookstore and let them each pick out a book with part of our Debt to China incentive check. Both girls picked out Diego books. Hannah's had a spotting scope, Ainsley's had push-buttons to make animal noises and lift-flaps.

Hannah's spotting scope really worked. She would look at things that were farther away and say "Whoa." Ains wanted in on the action, of course, and would put it up to her forehead, between her eyes and say "Whoa!!!" and look proud of herself.

Hannah and I were out picking dandelions for the goats yesterday and there were bees all around us. Hannah, not being a fan of 'stinging bugs', wanted to run off. I convinced her to sit on my lap and watch. Within a few minutes, her nose was inches from the little bees as they gathered from the flowers. She was fascinated with their movements. We even saw one that had full legs - little yellow balls on each leg.

A little off-topic note - I wish I could do up-close photography. I could have gotten some killer photos.

Her closeness was starting to make the bees nervous, so I had her run in the house and get her spotting scope. She was able to sit four feet away and watch the bees work.

Then she left the scope on the lawn and Chin found it. Labradors tend to chew anything left on the lawn. When Hannah saw that this morning she said "Well that's just a bummer, in't it? Dang it. I can't believe Chinde doesn't like spotting scopes."

Now I have a magnifying glass on my list of things to buy - she's becoming quite the little scientist.

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