Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unschooling numbers.

Hannah's been making leaps and bounds with numbers lately.

When my dad was here, he commented on her not knowing her numbers. He's not big on unschooling. I said that I wasn't worried about it, she'd learn them when she learned them. She's surrounded by numbers and math in life. Matt and I are constantly doing math out loud, also. Two days later, when my dad was still here, she all of the sudden said "Four. That's how old I am." I looked over and she was pointing at the number four on the computer. Then she started noticing fours everywhere. Then threes (because that's how old she was), fives (because that's how old she will be), and ones (because that's how old her sister is). If I asked, she could tell me what other numbers were (I only asked up to nine), but she didn't care about them. They had no importance in her life.

Like I said, she's been noticing fours everywhere. Today we were reading one of her Catwings books and she pointed to the four on page 24 saying "that's how old I am, amn't it?" "Yes, that's how old you are." With a mischievous smile, "I'm twenty four?!?!" My mouth dropped. When did she learn THAT?

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my brother on the phone and Hannah asked to talk to him. She was in one of her stuttering phases, where she repeats words or phrases. He asked about it since it had made it hard for him to understand her and I told him that she goes through a stuttering phase right before she makes a big leap physically or mentally. I joked that when this phase was over, she'd be multiplying.

A few days later, we were making a recipe and she asked how many eggs I needed. I told her that I needed two for the recipe, but that we were doubling it. She said "So I will get four eggs." I smiled to myself, thinking "I should tell my brother that she's multiplying", but really just counting that as adding.

She's also doubling recipes. Did you notice that, sister?

Then, not long ago, we were making pancakes and I wanted to quadruple the recipe. I asked her to get me some eggs. She asked how many and I said "Well I need two for the recipe and we're making four of the recipe so that we can freeze some." "OK, I'll get eight eggs." Ok, then. She's multiplying. Or adding very, very quickly.

I think this unschooling thing may have something to it after all.


Shawnell said...

Got the doubling down, you must be done.

Runa said...

Good for people to know.