Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jesus is a fairy.

Hannah's starting to explore spiritual ideas more. She's fascinated with different beliefs now since she knows that her daddy is Mormon and I am not.

Yesterday she asked "Was Jesus Mormon, mother?" I told her that Jesus was, by his very existence, Christian, but not Mormon. After I got to thinking about it, and about books I've read about Jesus as a person and about how the time he lived in shaped who he was, I have to wonder if he'd even classify himself as Christian today. Interesting.

She has decided that Jesus is a fairy (thanks to a picture in the Primary room). She's also wavering between thinking Jesus came back to life and thinking that's just a story. She likes the idea of someone beating death - death's a bit nerve-wracking for a four year old - but she can't wrap her mind around the fact that he came back looking like he did before he died. According to her, when you die you become a skeleton. He should look like a skeleton. A fairy skeleton.


Garrison Family said...

Braden thinks every picture of Jesus is Jay Jay - his uncle - The paintings do have a strong resemblance to my scruffy faced brother... i could fake it and say that is Jesus's nickname - how do you think that will fly?

Stephanie S. said...

I kinda like the sunglasses.

Just wanted to let you know I'm still here. I haven't been commenting, but I'm here. :)

Lynnie said...

I have been searching around for some good family farming blogs to follow and came across your farm blog. That led me to your family blog. I just had to leave a comment that the photographs you've taken of your girls are just fantastic! They really capture the joy of this age! Good luck with your piglets. We get a couple every year to help clear our land and my girls love them!

paxye said...

Historically, Jesus was not a Christian... he was born, raised and died a Jew.

Christianity was a cult of Judaism and the first practising "christians" were Jews who believed that Jesus was the anointed messiah ("christ")...the cult formed after his death and the first writings were written at the very least about 30 years after his death and Christianty become an official religion a few hundred years later.

Furthermore, the cult that one day became Christianity was not isolated either, there were many cults of the same nature because Traditional Jews were waiting, and still are waiting for the messiah.

The whole thing takes on a very different light when you look at the whole story from a historical standpoint. It was quite political.

Sarah said...

Jill, that's so cute. Braden's a doll.

Steph, I'm glad to hear from you - it seems we've both been very busy. :)

Lynnie, thank you so much for stopping by - I *loved* reading your blog just now. It's so funny! I'm glad you stumbled onto mine. By any chance, do you unschool?

Paxye, you're right of course. I don't know how my mind blanked on that. Have you read The Gifts of the Jews by Thomas Cahill? It's an absolutely fascinating book about, among other things, Jewish culture before, during, and after Christ's life. It's an easy to read book also. Thanks for your great comment!

Annie said...

I have "Gift of the Jews" but haven't taken the time to read it yet. I'm going to have to put it on my bedside table. How interesting, Paxye!