Friday, July 11, 2008

A spider in the car.

When I was little and our family of ten kids went on vacation, we went on vacation. We lived in Oklahoma and both of my parents' families lived in the northwest. We'd pack up in our van and head out for two or three weeks of driving and camping in Idaho and Utah. Ten. Kids. In a van.

My dad pulled out the third seat of the van and installed a platform that sat a few feet off the floor. Underneath the platform were bags of clothes and tents and sleeping bags. On the platform were as many kids as could fit comfortably - or uncomfortably if you got kicked off of one of the seats up front by a brother who wanted to lay down. Not naming names. Eric.

We travelled for twelve to sixteen hours at a time. Ten. Kids. Times were different then. Seatbelts were a suggestion that ten kids did not listen to. Now seatbelts are mandatory and children are much more safe in vehicles. And much, much, *much* more bored. Since our little family is making more long trips lately, what with visiting family or going down to the hospital in SLC, Matt decided it was time to get the girls dvd players to help them pass the time. It's wonderful. Grayson thanks us.

Hannah spent the trip watching Mariposa, a Barbie fairy movie. Ains watched Charlotte's Web. Not the new one, which is good, but the old classic animated version with the wonderful songs that you can't help singing along to even if your daughter says, with all of her four year old tact "Mother, you don't have to sing along, cause you know, it hurts my ears." I'm no Debbie Reynolds.

Hannah watches movies with a rapt (not vacant) expression. You can almost see her storing the details in her head, ready to incorporate it in her next story. As she watches, she breaks often to tell you what's happening in the story, asking you why certain characters are behaving as they are, or asking why you said four days ago that Ainsley's dress was cute. Isn't her dress cute too? These are questions that need to be answered.

Ainsley, on the other hand, gets completely wrapped up in her movie, but once again, never with a vacant expression on her face. Never vacant. It was so much fun to watch that I started taking pictures which she put up with for a bit.

Hey Mom. I'm watching a fun movie.

Charlotte's talking to Fern and Wilbur and the other animals.

This doesn't look good. I'm getting worried.

Mom? There's a boy trying to catch Charlotte.

Mooooooomma! Make him stop! He's gonna catch Charlotte!

Wait... wait... something's happening.

Oh, that's funny! He fell! Charlotte got away!

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!! Charlotte got away!

Wilbur knocked him off his feet. That was soooo funny.

Why are they all yelling? What smells funny?

Oh, that's even funnier! They cracked a rotten egg!

Oh, I'm ready for a nap.

You can stop taking pictures now, Momma.

Seriously. Stop.

I'm going now....

Yeesh. I don't want to be rude, but some people can't take a hint.


ladybug-zen said...

great post. it was so much reading. last summer my boys were really into charlotte. we rented it so many times we should have just bought it. it would have been much cheaper.
anyway, my children are the same way with tv and movies. never ever vacant. never. it's all absorbed and incorporated into their lives, their play, vocabulary...

Katey said...

Our van came with a screen and a VCR! We got a little dvd player and for long trips it's great.

Ainsley is so freaking cute!

Serene Designs said...

That was so cute! I just can't believe how big Ainsley is getting! Seems like forever since we saw you guys last!