Sunday, August 10, 2008

County Fair

'Tis the season. County fairs are upon us.

The girls had a ton of fun playing with all of the hordes of kids there.

Here are Hannah and one of her friends looking at one of the horses in the 4-H area.

The best part of a fair is having easy access to yummy stuff you don't normally have easy access to.

Hannah ate three of those corn on the cobs each night for three nights.

Matt had two of his lambs entered in the 4-H competition this year. Here's one being shown by the young man in the blue shirt.

And another being shown by the young lady in the red shirt.

Luck wasn't with them. The judge this year favored Hamp/Suffolk crosses, unlike the judge last year and probably next year who will favor Suffolk. Bum deal.

I took Hannah and some of her friends - and her little sister - to see the 4-H poultry exhibit.

Don't ask me why, but the bunnies were smack dab in the center of the poultry.

Ainsley got stuck by the duck exhibit. When I say "the duck exhibit", I mean *the* duck. One and only. Not much competition for that handsome specimen.

But here's what I wanted to show you. My favorite part of the fair.

The army brought in this huge piece of equipment - I have no idea why - and parked it there for kids to play with. If I were more politically minded, I might have an idea about why they would park this machine here with large Army signs around it and no personnel or barriers to keep the children off, deadening them to the real purpose these machines are serving in other countries. But I'm not political. Stepford is my middle name.

Back to why this would be my favorite part of the fair...

This is what I saw when I followed my girls over to this fun magnet. One girl. Swarms of boys. One girl in a pink shirt and boots. In the driver's seat. Refusing to get off for the swarms of boys telling her she's a girl and she shouldn't be driving. Ordering said swarms of boys in their military duties and them listening to her. Made me smile.

My Stepford implant must be on the fritz.

She finally left on errands unknown and some of the boys got a chance to drive. See that boy leaning out the passenger side?

"CRUSH THE TANKS!", he kept yelling, over and over.

But this is all his soldiers had to work with. A dirt scoop won't do much to crush a tank - especially not when it's currently being utilized as a little girl's house. He was disgusted.

Things didn't get better for him when she left. Her sister took her place.

Did I mention that Hannah has an admirer? He watched out for her the whole night.

He's a cutie, in't he?

Can't wait until next year's county fair. Hannah wants to run the barrels on her pony.


Garrison Family said...

Cute photos sarah. Rodeo was this past weekend in Ponca, so you know the county fair isnt much farther down the line, and then Oktoberfest! I'm ready for fall! Well kinda!

Katey said...

Hannah's hair!?!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Sarah. (Though I'm not pregnant, yet. ;) ) I love reading your blog. I live vicariously through you because you're living the life I always wanted to live growing up.

Tuan's Princess said...

Darn! We missed it again! Our fair is coming up. Next year!