Friday, September 12, 2008

Happiness is....

new toys!!!

Today we changed out toys. The girls chose some toys to put in the basement and when we got down there chose some of the boxed up toys to bring up and play with.

This really is the cheapest way to go toy shopping.

A brand new, exciting toy!

Of course these were toys that had been boring enough to be taken down into the basement earlier this year.

But now? Now these toys are sooo much fun.

Grayson ignored us.

Even when I tried to get in his face, he ignored us.

He pretended to be fascinated with the grass. I know he was just playing hard-to-get.

Finally! Now I'll see that sweet "Oh, HI Mom!" smile that I love so much.

Or not.

Hannah laid on the grass with me and we talked of princesses and fairies and dishes that I didn't want to do. She told me that I was like Cinderella and her Daddy was like the stepmother. Very astute, that child.

Grayson ignored us.

Ainsley talked Hannah into running back and forth on the lawn with her.

Hannah loosely interpreted "run".

And taught her sister how to curtsy to her.

Here's Ains coming to curtsy to me and call me "Or Eyeniss" Sometimes copying your older siblings isn't such a bad thing.

This... This is how this child lives her life. Pure contentment. Pure anger. Pure love. Pure pain. Pure bliss. Pure despair. Pure joy. She does nothing -feels nothing - by halves. It's all there for you to see. I won't show you a picture of pure anger. My camera won't work during those moments. It's scared. It waits for moments like these.

Waiting for me to start the race. Yes, Ainsley changed. Yes, she's now wearing an apron. No, she's not wearing anything else. She's two. No, I will not show you the pictures of the race. I was taking them from the back.


Katherine said...


Thanks for the sweet note on my blog. I just noticed your farming blog and I am going to start lurking over there. Have you ever kept cows for milk?

Have a lovely weekend!:) Katherine

Sarah said...

I haven't ever kept cows for milk. With my husband's animals factored in, we don't have enough pasture here. That's why I started with goats. A milk cow is my dream, all that cream....

See? Just the thought of a cow makes me get all poetical. lol

Maybe we'll be able to afford it in a year or two.

Katey said...

That post was so sweet. Got me all teary-eyed.