Saturday, September 13, 2008

No drilling! (No, it's not about Alaska)

While cuddling in bed this morning:

Hannah: Can we go to the bank and buy three suckers today, Mother?

Mother: The bank's not open today. We'll have to wait until Monday.

H: But Monday's after Sunday! That's a long way away!

M: Not too far. Sunday's tomorrow. Then Monday.

H: Then Wednesday.

M: Actually, it's then Tuesday, then Wednesday.

H: Then Thursday and then Friday. What's after Friday?

M: (surprised that after no drilling or 'teaching', she's pretty much got the idea behind a cyclical rotation of periods of time) Saturday.

H: That's today!

M: Yup.

H: Will you miss me when I'm grown up and gone?

M: Very much.

H: If you promise to come to my wedding, I'll live with you forever.

M: Done.

H: Can we go to the bank on Monday and buy suckers? We need to get three because my sister will need one.


Farmgirl_dk: said... I allowed to comment on this blog or do you prefer that this is more of a family site dedicated to documenting stories for your children to read as they get older?

I love these posts you write. And I love, love, love the conversations with Hannah.
Hmmm...Ainsley...pole dancer and nude runner, I'm wondering what she's gonna be when she grows up. :-) I won't comment again unless I get approval from you. :-)

Sarah said...

Oh, Danni, I'm glad to see you here! You're absolutely allowed to comment here. This is my unschooling blog.

I've got them separate because, while unschoolers may be interested in the farming life, I wasn't sure those who were only interested in the farming would appreciate it being overrun with stories about my kids, unschooling life, and the random post-Mormon/politics posts.


Annie said...

Makes me smile!

ps. LOVE the new photo at the top of your blog.

Katey said...

I love the part about you going to her wedding and then she'll live with you forever. So sweet.

Stephanie S. said...

I would have snapped that deal up in a hurry, too. :)