Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My girls are picking the last of the flowers on the lawn. The frosts will keep any new ones away.

It started out just "Hey, you want me to make you a necklace out of those?"

Then they needed beautiful wreaths for their heads.

After getting bean flowers to add to her wreath, and having me make them wands, Hannah got very pensive.

Then joyful. "I'm going to be a fairy when I grow up. I'll have wings and I'll be much smaller. But I'll still love you. I'll live in your backyard. Except for when it's winter. Then I'll be human again and live in your house. Except for when it's spring. Then I'll be a fairy again ... (insert 45 second loop)"

This one's less fanciful and more of a pragmatist.

She was chasing the cat with her fairy wand, calling it a "bonk cat". Matt understands her better.

Maybe they're Rhubarb Fairies. Or Rhubarb Nymphs? Rhabarbarads. Yeah, that's my girls. Rhabarbarads.

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Katey said...

Those pictures really made me realize that Ainsley is a little girl now and not a baby anymore.