Friday, September 26, 2008


Hannah: (looking at Ains wearing her sunglasses and new hat) You look sexy, Ainser! Doesn't she look sexy Mother?

Mother: (thinking "I need to talk to Matt about his love of Simpsons") No, not really. Sexy is a term you use for adults, not kids. Are you trying to say she looks pretty?

H: Yes. But pretty's boring.

M: How about 'cute'?

H: OK. Ainser, you look cute.

H: Mother?

M: Yes?

H: You look sexy.

M: Well, thank you sweetie.

I'm still tweaking this 'how to define' thing. I should have said "It's a term *adults* use for other adults and maybe you shouldn't watch Simpsons so much." But I just said thank you.

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