Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today we...

We visited some friends who had lots of extra tomatoes. We picked a few bucketfuls to make salsa with.

Then we went inside to chat. Ainsley, who's always been a bit on the reserved side, has really taken to Don. She climbed up on his lap and asked him to tell her a story.

He took advantage of the moment and read them a book called Snake Stew. Several times.

Renee was holding Grayson the whole time. I took advantage of the moment. This wasn't an option with my girls at the same age. They were, how you say? Momma's girls. Definitely momma's girls.

He's a funny kid. I took the picture above and ten seconds later took the picture below.

It's nice when you live away from family having friends so close that your kids call them 'Aunt Renee' and 'Uncle Don'.


frugalmom said...

Thats too funny. He totally just fell asleep....mine would never do that. NEVER. Came over here from my friend, Danni's blog(on the way to critter farm). I have a little guy named Grayson, too.

Annie said...

No way! :D That was one tired boy!