Monday, September 29, 2008

Women - Are you registered to vote?

Are you *going* to vote?

Read this - and vote this presidential election. Make your voice heard.

The author of the blog linked to above reviews the HBO movie Iron Jawed Angels, a movie about some of the women involved in the suffrage movement - and a movie I now must see. I have always been taught that women didn't have the right to vote, so women went and marched with signs, some got arrested (and presumably were treated like ladies in prison until their husbands came and got them out), and then "Wheee!", we women were able to vote! The teachers left out a few salient facts.

My daughters will receive a better education than I did, 'sall I have to say about that.


Garrison Family said...

im registered =-) and my voice will be heard.

Lori said...

i not only vote, i take my son into the booth with me. :^)