Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cookin' Cookies

We found a fun game called Cookin' Cookies for only a few dollars locally and got it to see if the kids would enjoy it. They did.

It's a very easy game for three year olds on up, but younger ones enjoy it too, because of the cool spoons.

Everyone gets a recipe card listing the ingredients for a certain type of cookie. All of the ingredients are on the cookie cards on the table. You have to smack the cookie cards with your suction cup spoon and collect the correct ingredients.

There are no turns, everyone just moves as fast as they can.

You don't want a rotten egg.

It's gross.


Michelle said...

I've seen this game before, and had wondered about getting it. I'm glad it's fun. Maybe I'll snatch it the next time I see it!

paxye said...

My kids would love that... it reminds me of a game that we have that was Simon's when he was a kid...

Annie said...

That is the funniest game ever!

Katey said...

I have never seen that game before- it looks like so much fun!