Monday, November 10, 2008


A few days before Halloween, we went to visit some family and carve pumpkins.

Hannah partnered with her Aunt J'in. Her job? Draw her desired face on the pumpkin.

J'in's job? To decipher those scribblings and translate them into an acceptable jack-o-lantern. She is a very patient woman. And she did a fantastic job.

Ainsley was partnered with her daddy. She kept a close eye on the proceedings.

She did the honors of 'lidding the jack-o-lantern' when it was done.

Their cousin partnered with her daddy - isn't she the most photogenic child?

It was a fun, fun night.


Annie said...

Looks like fun! I love the sideways pumpkin! What a neat idea.

Can you believe we didn't carve any pumpkins this year?! When I went to the store to buy a pumpkin the day before Halloween they were all out! Halloween really snuck up me!

Sarah said...

Oh, Bummer that you missed out on the pumpkins. It snuck up on me this year too. We had pumpkins from our local pumpkin patch because that's where we get our winter squash.

The sideways pumpkin was Hannah's idea - it's face was 'too long' standing up.