Friday, November 21, 2008


We've finally been getting some beautiful fall days here. When there's no chilling 45 mph wind blowing, the weather's actually quite nice.

Nice enough to play in piles of leaves.

I raked the leaves up, and tossed the girls for awhile. They played on their own for awhile, asking me to rake the leaves back into a pile when needed. Then Daddy came home. He fluffed the leaves into a tall pile with the pitchfork.

Then he started throwing the kids around.

You have to spin them to get a good throw.

He got a good throw.

A really good throw.

I was kind of worried about the little one.

She did fine - he didn't give her as much air.

Though she still had a hard time letting go.

Hannah wanted to go again.

On the third time she didn't let go - she'd tried that trick with me earlier and learned that if you didn't let go of a spinning large human who was trying to throw you that they would fall into the pile. I didn't warn him.

Then she wouldn't let him up.

You'd think a four year old couldn't hold a grown man down, wouldn't you?

When you've got your sister's help, anything's possible. "Dream big" is what I teach my kids.

Though if you leave your little sister there and run, she might need to be saved. Look at her, reaching out, asking for somebody, anybody to come save her.

Oh, good. I teach them that too.

Something I learned - little kids jumping into a pile of leaves for hours at a time will not only strengthen a mother's muscles (from raking the leaves back into a pile for the hundred-and-eleventieth time), but it will shred those leaves pretty dang good. That pile is now about one-third the size it was when we started.


Annie said...

What a fun dad and a sweet moment to catch on film. I can't get over how high he threw Hanna though! Looks like so much fun!

green said...

just plain cool!

Garrison Family said...

oh my stars sarah that sunset was beautiful... beautiful purple!
LOVE LEAVES... Sunday and Monday are supposed to be 60 here so hopefully we can play in the leaves... Parker hasnt gotten that chance yet! I know he will just love it!

LOVED THE PHOTOS WOMAN!You keep teaching them right!

Stephanie S. said...

Super fun!