Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing with letters.

Hannah's been playing with letters a lot lately. Wanting to know how to spell names, what words say, what sounds letters make. She's not much of a "hands on" learner, but I thought I'd get her some "manipulatives" to go along with her interest. Amazingly, I found that Ainsley was just as - or more - into playing with the "letter manipulatives" than Hannah.

I'd bought these cake decorating letters on sale a month or two ago.

Please loosely interpret Ainsley's "playing with" as "shoveling into her mouth".

Admit it - you wish you'd had these given to you when you were a kid and playing with letters.

1 comment:

Stephanie S. said...

Ooooh, cake decorating letters.
Madeleine would love that! She loves the sprinkles and stars anyway, but would be especially fond of letters, I think!
I'll remember this one!