Wednesday, November 19, 2008

These pockets,

on these aprons have been used for seeds, kittens, and eggs since my mother sent them to the girls.

Today they became doll carriers for tiny dolls.

Tiny dolls that had to be introduced to curious goats.

Tiny dolls that had to be rescued from curious goats. They're like babies. Everything goes in their mouths.


Stephanie S. said...

Love this!
I was actually saying the other day that I'm going to make an apron for Maddie, and cloth napkins for her dolls for her tea parties.

By the way, the stars? I made some about a week ago! :) I've been meaning to for years, but I finally did it this year. In the center I put sheet moss and dried flowers - they're so pretty! (it's on hf)
And I remember that you're from OK, but I didn't know Ponca City. :)

Annie said...

It's so neat that your children get to be in contact with so many animals everyday. I love the aprons too. It reminds me to get on making one for Lily and me.