Friday, November 14, 2008

This girl...

Ainsley runs giggling past me, Hannah chasing her, saying in a pleading voice: "Ainser, princesses get their hair done! Ainser, just let me finish! Ains, princesses are patient! Don't you want to have pretty hair? Don't you want to be a princess? Please be patient. Let me finish your hair. FINE!!! You're out of the family and you're no princess at all!"


Showing me a doll she's playing with: "This is my new baby. He's got an optical cord. See? Right there on his belly button. The optical cord will fall off soon, but it's on there right now 'cause I just gave birth to him. He's a him because he has a tiny penis? See his tiny penis? That means he's a him."


While helping me move all of the pantry items from our old pantry area to the new pantry area: "We work like a team, huh? Nothing can beat us when we work like a team. Not even tomato sauce!"