Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today we...

Coloring, writing notes. Getting up to dance, going back to coloring.
Grayson is cueing well with pottying! Very happy.
Care bear videos online.
Playing with kittens. Squishing toes in mud.
Doing animal chores, collecting eggs.
Playing with ice, feeding pumpkins to goats.
Visiting Uncle Don and Aunt Renee, playing with Chunk, their puppy.
Visiting cemetery, wondering about dead people, trying to read words off of headstones.
Using magnifying glass to investigate clues and trying to solve a mystery.
Setting up a party picnic.

Listening to Grandpa read books.
Playing with ponies.
Reading books.
Fixing hair. Learning about hair spray.
Helping grate cheese. Eating lots of cheese.
Running to Daddy's truck. Helping him chore.
Running back in the house and putting cold hands on Mother's face to hear her scream.
Helping Gray walk. Even if he doesn't want to.
Eating dinner, taking a bath.
Kids dropping one by one - the last one is still holding out, taping paper to the wall and then washing the paper with a washcloth for reasons only two year olds know.

Good day. Sometimes you don't realize how much is done in a day until you write it all down as it happens.

My day included helping my children with any of the above that they needed help with, laundry, dishes, feeding, rendering lard, and drying buckwheat.


Katey said...

Sounds like a fun, productive day. Buckwheat, huh? That sounds very interesting.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What a happy, busy day...laughed out loud at the taped paper/washcloth/"only things a two year old knows" story.
Love your banner photo....why do I feel like they're going to hate that picture when they get older? lol

Kim Davis said...

Oh, I love that you kept track of everything they did that day. Busy, busy, busy and full of energy. How fun it must be to grow up in your home.

Stephanie S. said...

I love days like this, as you know.

And....Do you render tallow for soap?

Sarah said...

Katey, the buckwheat is for eating on yogurt. Like a parfait. Everybody likes parfaits.

Farmgirl, I know, right? I have a whole slew of those 'outfit' pictures. Hee.

Aw, thanks, Kim. It was fun to keep a running list as they moved from activity to activity.

Steph, every time I read your blog, I want to do a post like this. I may make it a once-weekly event, I enjoy it so much.

I tried rendering tallow, but it was awful - didn't work at all. I found out about another way to render fat, so tried it with my lard and it worked like a charm! I'm saving it up to try and make goat milk soap next spring when my goats freshen. Whee!!!