Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today we....

Today *I* came face to face with the reality that I am outdated, old, out of touch. I took the kids to see their dad at work and since the girls wanted to drive home with him, I got to listen to 'real' music on the way home. I flipped through the stations trying to find a country music station. I haven't listened to country radio for four years. It ain't what it used to be.

I finally settled on a song playing that seemed to have a storyline, so I figured it was probably country. I listened to four songs in a row and had to come home and scrub my brain with some George Strait and Trace Adkins.

When did male country singers get so wussy? And boy-band-ish? Damn. It's disheartening. Distressing. Disgusting. (That's all the alliteration I got in me.)

George Strait, Johnny Cash, Trace Adkins, John Anderson, Willie Nelson, Chris LeDoux, George Jones - these men don't have boy voices. And now, since this happens to coincide with a more emotional time of the month, I've been sitting here bawling my eyes out to "Mendocino County Line", "Goodbye Time", "Missing You", "Today My World Slipped Away", "Look at You Girl" and so many more. I just need to step away from my (old, out of touch, outdated) CDs.

I *have* been just plain enjoyin' "Pickin' Wildflowers". I think I'll stop on that one. And not listen to country radio for another four years.

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Stephanie S. said...

Can't nobody say Johnny Cash or Willie or Waylan has wussie voices.